Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Welcome to the Pod, Mattie!

We have welcomed a new family member to the pod... a mini goldendoodle named Mattie. (We had to include the Double T in the name, of course!)

Back story... we had a 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier that passed away this past Thanksgiving unexpectedly. She had cancer that had consumed all of her organs, and we had no idea until she had to be taken to the Emergency Vet and suddenly died. Our hearts have been in so much pain from that day until now.

We are such dog lovers, so I think we each decided that it wouldn't be long before we wanted to add a dog back into our family. Plus, Wyatt is at the age where he loves animals, and we were excited to give him a little buddy to grow up with.

We randomly went to a pet store and looked at puppies one day and fell in love with this breed while we were there. Soon, we found ourselves researching local breeders for a new puppy. We found a breeder that we vetted, met, and really liked. The best part was that he had a litter of puppies with one girl available. We went to meet her, fell in love, and she was ours a few short weeks later.

Overall, we have adjusted well to having Mattie in our pod. Mattie has a lots of energy, and she really likes to jump on Wyatt. That is the biggest issue we are having to navigate, but we have lots of barriers and baby gates to help keep them apart without having Mattie in a crate all the time.

We still aren't sure how big Mattie will be. She is the first litter for the breeder, so we don't have any others to base our guess on. The vet says that she can be anywhere from 30-60 lbs and still be considered a "mini." We don't think she'll be as big as 60 lbs, but we are looking forward to seeing how big she will actually grow.

And now, the pod has grown to 4 whole peas!

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