Sunday, November 13, 2016

Taking Wyatt to Lubbock for the first time

If you know me AT ALL, you have to know that I love Texas Tech University. Were you not aware of that? Well let me break it down for you:

  • I only applied to one school and only ever dreamed about being a Red Raider since I was about 6 years old
  • My dog's name is Scarlet (official Texas Tech school colors are Scarlet & Black)
  • My room at my parent's house is painted Scarlet Red and accented with White and Black bed linens
  • I never left a football game early in my 4 years as a student, and I have never once missed watching a Texas Tech football game since 2004
  • Mark & I pushed our wedding date back 1 week in 2008 when our football team was ranked #2 in the nation and we were convinced we would be going to the National Championship
  • and finally, my son's name ends in a Double T (on purpose)
It is a far cry from normal, but it is 100% me. I love Texas Tech and Lubbock, Texas with my whole heart, so when it came time to take Wyatt on his first trip to the Hub City, I couldn't resist!

The glorious flatlands...

Wyatt & I went with my mom and dad early on Saturday morning. Wyatt got to see some of the wind turbines up close, and he seemed pretty intrigued. We let him know that the turbines are a sure sign that you are in West Texas.

We went straight to lunch when we got to town. Lubbock was already crawling with game day activity. We had lunch at Ruby Tequilas across from the football stadium with Auntie Kate - Wyatt and Kate met for the first time. It was magical!

After a little nap at the hotel, we were ready for tailgating and the football game. We hit some high points:

The Masked Rider

Daddy, Mommy & Wyatt's brick at the Football Stadium

The best I got of Wyatt at his first Lubbock Tailgate. He even threw some cornhole with strangers.

Finally, we got to the game, and Wyatt did awesome. He stayed awake for the majority of the game, and we finally had to leave at 11 (just the end of the 3rd quarter) because we knew Wyatt needed sleep. 

Waiting for the Goin Band from Raiderland to kick things off!

The cutest little Red Raider there ever was!

I was overcome with emotion at times, thinking I finally had a little one with whom I could share my passion for this place. My parents being there was especially moving, and I let them each know how special it was to have them there with me. We did not win, but it was a great game, and even greater memories.

Probably the best conclusion to the weekend was lunch with the Natividads before we left town on Sunday. Brandi & I were best friends in college, and this picture is one I will treasure forever. Having our children altogether for the first time on the campus where we met. Lifetime memories, passed on to the next generation.

Family photo

My poor son has no chance. He will grow up knowing about the flatness of West Texas, the lack of trees, and the "smell of money." He has not chance of seeing other games on Saturdays, as long as the Red Raiders are on TV. He will know all about dirt storms and flash flooding. He will know all about that day when his Papaw cried so hard dropping Mommy off to school for the first time, and he will know that was repeated 4 short years later when Mommy graduated and moved out of West Texas forever.

He will know all about the great traditions. The masked rider, the respect we have for our beautiful black horse, and how we never, ever walk on the grass surrounding Memorial Circle. He will know that the march of the Goin Band from Raiderland through campus on game day will give you goosebumps, and he will know that the victory bells at the end of the night is one of the greatest sounds you'll hear in your whole life.

He will know the correct words to the Fight Song and that you do not sway from side to side during the Matador Song. He will know that it is weird that we technically have 2 mascots, but that's our business and no one else's (looking at you Longhorns!). He will know that he looks excellent in Red & Black and won't want to wear anything else. He will know that there's no doubt Mommy will cry when we lose (and that we lose very often). 

I am a first generation college student. No one went before me, but that will not be the same for Wyatt. He is a legacy of a great University, one that his dad & I love dearly. The day that my son gets accepted to Texas Tech, I will cry my eyes out, just as my Daddy did for me. And the day that he tells me (regretfully) that he has chosen to attend a different school, I will undoubtedly cry my eyes out even more. But above all, Wyatt will know that we love him and our hope is that he strives for honor, evermore...

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