Friday, August 12, 2016

Wyatt: 12 Month Update

What a big boy! He did not want to get his picture taken for a while, which is why he is technically 13 months in this picture. Oh well...

Weight: 20lbs (10 %tile)

A special "party day" surprise for #WyaDoubleT

Wyatt didn't act too nice at his 1st birthday party, and he did NOT want to be let go by anyone he knew best. We had it at the pool, which he usually loves, but not really on this day. We have tried to give him a cake to "smash" several times, but he has never wanted anything to do with it. Party day was no different, so I held him in my lap and he ate some of the cake that way. He just wants to be left alone mostly, so we try not to poke and prod him too much.

Happy 1st birthday, Wyatt!

Favorite Food: ANYTHING - especially pizza. Oh man, this kid loves cheese pizza. We randomly gave it to him one night at our neighborhood pool, and he hasn't been able to get enough since. He eats so well now, unlike every other month before. He will try anything, which gives me hope as a wife to a picky eater. Our staples are chicken, cheese pizza, quesadillas, strawberries, peaches, fruit filled granola bars, and of course, PUFFS! He is going to turn into a puff one day.

Pizza at the pool!

Milestones: So much has happened since my last update. Mostly, we went camping at Fun Valley in South Fork, CO with Mark's family. We had a great time, and we cannot wait to go back! We slept in a tent for a week, which was a huge undertaking with a 1 year old, but we survived. The last 2 nights were the worst because Wyatt decided to get a MOLAR in the back of his mouth, so we had to jump in the car one morning at about 4:30am and drive the mountains for a couple of hours to calm him down and not disrupt all of the other peaceful campers. 

I should add an orange Push-Pop to Wyatt's list of favorite foods.

Another huge milestone is that Wyatt is walking now. He has been on the verge since about 9 months, but he always just used a walking stick or his rolling walker toy. When we got back from Fun Valley, we knew he could do it on his own, so we hid all of the "walking devices" and he just took off on his own. Watching him fall and get back up without using a wall or anything to help him was so much fun to experience. HE IS EVERYWHERE NOW!

We love this little man with our whole entire hearts. He has added a piece that we never knew was missing. He is an extension of us, and we are not whole without him. This past year has been a huge, crazy journey. He is perfect for us.

So much change in a year!

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