Monday, June 13, 2016

Wyatt: 11 Month Update

So excited to be 11 months old!

Foods: Wyatt likes to eat food, finally! We think we have figured out his issue. We think the foods he was eating were contributing to some tummy issues, so the doctor gave us a list of things that should help - anything that starts with "P" - prunes, pears, peaches, peas, pumpkin, etc. Once we started that diet, we seemed to have a whole different baby! He now eats any table foods we give him, and loves chicken, beans, guacamole (current favorite), brisket, pulled pork, bread, and apparently CHEESE PIZZA at daycare. He finds quite a bit of comfort in the bottle, so we are going to work this month on eliminating some of those during the day. Wish us luck.

Milestones: So many - get ready for picture overload...

Beach bumming

We took Wyatt is Port Aransas with Mommy's family. He had a great time! We spent a lot of time at the pool area, and he loved floating around and see all the different people. He loves being outside, so it was difficult to put him down inside for a nap. Instead, we made a pallet in his wagon for nap time, and it worked perfectly! One rainy day, we went to the Marine Science Center and played around on their different displays. It was a great trip, and he did great in the car there and back. 

At the end of the trip, the next milestone was documented...

Wyatt's first haircut

The first haircut was much easier than I anticipated. Having the bottle definitely helped. A couple weekends after that trip, we had a visit from Wyatt's cousins from Amarillo. The highlight was our trip to the zoo!

Brave little soul at the splash pad.

The whole crew in the wagon. Lots of miles on this thing.

This cutie is obsessed with the wagon!

Finally, we joined a community pool in our area. We have enjoyed several trip so far, but we have most enjoyed going in the evenings and having a picnic for dinner. We could not believe how many pizza deliveries we saw one night. We are thankful for something close to home to occupy our time with Wyatt. He loves being outside, and he is warming up to this particular pool. It is a bit more lively than he is used to, but we are going to power through!

We had an awesome 11th month. We cannot believe we are so close to having a 1 year old at home. Mommy is having a hard time even thinking about it, but we are distracted by planning a great State Fair - themed birthday party! Here's to savoring the last couple of weeks before we have a legit toddler on our hands. 

Have I mentioned that he is obsessed with the wagon? He just keeps on rollin' rollin' rollin'...

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