Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wyatt's Dedication

 Three peas on dedication day!

Wyatt was dedicated to the Lord on Sunday, January 17, 2016. His grandparents, great-grandmother, Uncle and many family friends attended. It was held at The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, TX where we are members. We celebrated with lunch after the service, and had a great time on such a special day!

No tears or noise of any kind during Pastor Gary's prayer!

At the risk of opening myself up for eye-rolls and judgement of all kind, I wanted to share a little bit of our thought behind dedicating Wyatt and how we started "raising our son" during his first weeks of life.

Mark and I both grew up in the church where each of our families remain actively involved. We knew once we started a family, we needed to land in a church that we could plug into and find a group that we fit into and move through life alongside.

We joined our current church before Wyatt was born. We visited many Sunday School classes before we landed in the perfect one for us. After Wyatt was born, the colic isolated us for a couple months before Wyatt first attended church (in the nursery). Since then, we have made Sundays a priority for all 3 of us.

Wyatt's first day at church - he wore shorts to keep things casual!

Several years ago, we were visiting Mark's home church at First Baptist Amarillo. Dr. Batson spoke this particular Sunday on making church a priority in your family. Mark and I had discussed it several times since, but we agreed with him that we didn't want our kids to wake up on Sunday mornings and wonder if we would be attending church or not, it would just be expected. We don't just want Wyatt to checking the box of "attending" but we want him to grow in His love and service to the Lord, and that can only be encouraged but being part of a community of believers.

After Wyatt was born, we had also decided that we wanted to start early with telling Wyatt all about Jesus and His love for us. Wyatt was prayed for LONG before he was conceived. He was wanted for years before he made his appearance, so it was easy for us to tell him all about how perfect God made him for us and how perfect God's timing was.

We also started reading bible story books to Wyatt at bedtime before bed. We started this at just a couple weeks old. I wanted to start this as early as possible, not just to start a routine, but also so that Wyatt always knew about Jesus. I didn't want him to start growing up and then we start telling about Jesus and different stories in the bible. I never wanted him to have a memory that didn't involve knowing about our great God. It has helped us bond in so many ways as a family, and Mark and I are learning many stories that we both honestly can't say that we knew before.

God has blessed our family. I know that is so cliche to say these days - #blessed - I hate even writing a blog about this, but it is something that is happening in our pod, so I wanted to document it. God lives in our home, He is real to us, and we cannot wait for Him to be the Savior of our first born's life. What a birth-day that will be!

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