Friday, January 8, 2016

Wyatt: 6 Month Update

Every day, we are Red Raiders!

Height/Weight: Not sure, we only track this when we have a Dr. appointment
Diapers: Size 3s, except when he was out of diapers at daycare this week and came home in Size 1s (sorry buddy!)
Clothes: 6-9 months, closer to 9 months

  • He is finally eating solids consistently so he likes bananas (the clear front runner), apples, pears, and sweet potatoes
  • YouTube at Daddy's computer (Also, Daddy needs to be there)
  • Daddy coming home from work
  • Daycare - I had drop off duty for a couple weeks while Marky was off work, and he was so happy to see the ladies who take care of him every day
  • Grabbing stuff (anything, everything) and putting it in his mouth - We are currently having to keep Scarlet at a distance because he will grab her fur around her mouth and pull really hard. She hates that!
  • Seeing Granmommy and Papaw - even if it is on face-time - he recognizes them!
  • Scarlet barking in his face if he pulls too hard
  • Independent play time while Mommy cooks dinner (before Daddy gets home)
  • Peas, avocados, oatmeal
"First" this past month:
  • Christmas! We got to celebrate for almost a full week in Amarillo seeing (and meeting!) cousins, Aunts and Uncles
  • Nights away from Mommy & Daddy: So far he spent two separate nights at Granmommy & Papaw's in Waco. This month, he going for two nights in a row. He exhausts G&P, which Mommy and Daddy think is funny!
  • Meeting a horse! Granmommy, Mommy & Daddy took Wyatt over to see a horse in the country before Christmas. He was less than enthused. 
  • New Year's Eve - just us three peas went to a dinner near home and did NOTHING else. Wyatt was asleep during dinner, but Mommy & Daddy praised Jesus at midnight for our best New Year's Eve to date.
  • Swinging at the park - LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! Just look at that excitement pouring from his face!
Still in pajamas because Daddy had a full day of Wyatt-duty. No big deal, you can't really tell if you throw a hoodie on over it!

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