Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wyatt: 5 Month Update

Wyatt - 5 months old

Weight: no idea - 14 or 15 lbs
Height: Wiggles too much to check at home
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: 3-6 Month... much more on the 6 month side

Milestones in Month 5:
  • Wyatt's first Thanksgiving! We went to Waco and then down to San Antonio for the river walk lighting and parade. The parade got rained out but we enjoyed our weekend away nonetheless. Wyatt slept through his first river boat ride and tour of the Alamo. 
  • His first weekend (let's be honest... one night) away from Mommy & Daddy. Wyatt stayed in Waco while Mark & I went to Austin for a night away to celebrate my 30th birthday.
  • Wyatt ate his first bowl of bananas all the way through. We have been trying for weeks to gain success with solids, but he hasn't really understood the swallowing after the enter his mouth via spoon, so we watered them down a bit and SUCCESS! He ate a whole ounce of homemade banana-mush (YUM!)
Brrr... Cold weather duck feeding on the River Walk in San Antonio

We are done with our treatment at the Chiropractor's office, and we have now entered into the "wellness" phase. Starting in January, Wyatt and I will only have to drive all around the Dallas area twice per month. He still doesn't love the car seat, but he can tolerate it from daycare to home at least. 

Christmas is coming! Wyatt met Santa Claus and had his picture taken. They turned out magical! He wasn't scared or fussy at all, so I was thankful for that. We did them early in the morning which is the ideal time for Wyatt and his mood. We are headed to Waco the weekend before Christmas to celebrate with the Mills side then Amarillo the week of Christmas for the Price festivities. We have a growing family on the Price side - lots of gifts to bring - so we will be driving this time. Pray that the car seat doesn't get too too old for my little man. That will make it a difficult 6 hours for me and my big man (Marky).

I turned 30 the same day Wyatt was officially 5 months old. I said several times yesterday that I don't feel old now that I'm 30, having Wyatt took care of that feeling 5 months ago. I don't care that I didn't have a big blowout "dirty 30" party. Lunch with my girl friends and dinner with my closest friends in town was absolutely perfect. Having my peas close by, seeing friends, getting calls and having my annual "Happy Birthday" serenade by the Prices, and being hugged and kissed on all day was my idea of perfect 30th birthday.

Mommy and Wyatt - teamwork makes the dream work

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