Friday, December 11, 2015

To Wyatt: I can't wait for you to love Christmas

My dear son,

I can't wait to experience so much with you - life in general, playgrounds, raking leaves, playing hide and seek, and holidays. Especially Christmas.

You already love Christmas buddy!

I love Christmas. It has always been incredibly magical to me. I loved all the tradition surrounding it, and I have loved meshing my childhood celebrations with your Daddy's.

Mommy's favorite Christmas memories:  

  • Putting up Christmas decorations after Grandmommy cleans up Thanksgiving lunch
  • That random can of Skoal in Papaw's stocking every single year 
  • Christmas movies on TV all month long
  • Driving around looking at Christmas lights
  • Christmas Eve candlelight service at church in Waco (with my own Mamak and Papaw, your Grandmommy, Papaw and Uncle)
  • Tamales on Christmas!!!! (Another thing I can't wait for you to have is Grandmommy's food!!)
  • Waiting for your Papaw to setup his camera in the living room before we could go see what Santa left for us during his visit
  • and ... drum roll on this one... The Christmas Story playing on tv for 24 hours Christmas Eve to Christmas Night
Daddy's favorite Christmas memories:
  • Christmas lights
  • Cold weather (Your daddy likes to brag about how great he looks in his winter wardrobe)
  • Tuna fish sandwiches at his Grandmother's house on Christmas Eve (one day I'll let you know just how crazy the Price family is)
  • Christmas Eve at his Mimi & Bop's house (I didn't know them very well, but they would have loved you so much buddy)
  • Singing Happy Birthday Jesus on Christmas Day
  • The same food he just had at Thanksgiving (especially Mimi's broccoli rice casserole)
  • Saying "oooh ahhhh, pass it around" after every-single-gift is opened (again, these people are crazy, but they grow on you eventually)
There is one last thing that I love more than anything about Christmas that your Grandad Price shared with me and now he'll share with  you... my most favorite Christmas tradition is when Grandad reads the Christmas story out of the bible to our family. It warms my heart, and it reminds me that Jesus is the reason we celebrate this magical holiday!

Grandad using Mimi's nativity to tell us the real Christmas story

Grandad and Mimi Price love Jesus. They love love love Jesus! You'll know that very early in your life. Grandad is our family's leader. He takes that role seriously (and he does an awesome job!), and he wants to make sure all of his family knows that we have one main purpose for getting together at this time of year, and it is to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

So, I can't wait for you to experience things in life, especially Christmas. But Santa can have his place at the North Pole, I'll take Jesus in Grandad's living room on Christmas morning instead.

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