Monday, December 21, 2015

It's either family or legos, and I pray you choose family

This video has rocked me since I watched it a couple of days ago. Wow, I can't even begin to wrap my head around the thoughts I have had since I first saw it. I have been doing my best in the last few days to thoughtfully write out my response, and it all centers around the hope I have for raising my son.

Mark and I have discussed the realization that our son will likely grow up more privileged than we were in our early lives. We are each products of hard working parents who instilled a great work ethic in us. We are proud of the good work we do for our companies, and we celebrate in our accomplishments. We know the path that we had to travel to get to where we are now, and also where we hope to be in the future. That wasn't just given to us, we worked hard to get where we are. We continue to work hard to make a good life for our family. Through that, I hope we are teaching our son, and future children, that "things" in this life just do not matter.

First and foremost, I hope Wyatt values his relationship with his creator and has a personal, loving relationship with him. I read recently that we are 2 generations away from a post-Christianity world. I cannot think of what a dark world it will be for my beautiful, innocent son, but I hope that he can find the light in the word of God. I hope that he can cling to the love and grace that Jesus came to give us. I hope that he raises his family in this light and gives this same hope to his children one day.

I also hope that Wyatt learns that his family is important. I hope he desires a relationship with his dad and me. I know there will be times where we won't be at the top of his list of people to spend quality time with, but I hope he always is loving and respectful when he's breaking my heart to hang out with his friends. I hope he sees that spending time with family is more important than any gift that he can ever be given. I hope there is never home video of him outwardly showing his disappointment in the small number of Christmas gifts given to him. (Wyatt, this happened to me, and I shudder to think of the feeling I gave my parents when I was such a brat!)

I hope Wyatt is kind in his life. I hope he is genuinely kind. I want him to know that people are inherently good and that bad things are harvested by hardened people. But, even then, we should remain kind to all people. There is no race, religion, orientation, thought process or ignorance that should justify our rejection of people. I hope that when his feelings get hurt, when his heart is broken, or when he is at a loss, that he errs on the side of grace and humility. I hope that his mercy towards others is infectious and that he is the kid on the playground that wants to play with everyone. I hope that he is a lover, like his mommy, with the warranted stubbornness of his daddy.

Wyatt, my dear son, I hope you are a warmhearted being who loves family and values hard work. I hope you always find time for your family and put nothing above your relationship with God. I hope that you find someone who has the same values as you and never settle for less in your life. I hope you realize how lucky and blessed you truly are and always want to find time to bless others. I love you with all my heart, and I am working hard in this life to make yours amazing. 

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