Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wyatt: 3 month update

Wyatt in full blown evening meltdown...

Wyatt likes:
  • MORNINGS! He is such a happy boy when he gets up in the morning, either when we wake him up during the work week or when he wakes us up on the weekends. Tons of smiles, and some half-giggles.
  • His daddy. I think Wyatt knows he looks just like his daddy, so he loves hanging out with Mark. 
  • Being held. I cannot wait to let him "cry it out" so I can break this habit, but he loves being held, and he never wants to be put down for extended periods of time.
  • His new chair/wagon combo. Papaw and Grandmommy Mills got Wyatt a great red wagon, so we put his bumbo chair from Auntie Tootie and he has a great time riding around.
Wyatt dislikes:
  • Being put down. He still hasn't enjoyed his swing or MamaRoo while he's awake. We plan to try to break him of this during month 4.
  • Evenings. We are fighting the witching hour, affectionately known to Mommy (me) as bitching hour. Wyatt wants to go to bed at 6, but we are desperately trying to stretch it to 7pm if we can. I just can't possibly get him home, fed and in bed by 6pm. If I had it my way, we could stretch it even further, to 8pm, another goal for month 4.
  • Wet or dirty diapers. Who could blame him? I wouldn't like that either.
  • Mommy's milk (at times). We are still dealing with bad, fussy days every so often. We think it is my diet affecting him. I have 100% cut out dairy and caffeine. I was cutting back on these before but not cutting it out 100%. We are hoping this works. He eats great, just seems to still have a bit of gas or digestion pains. 
  • Wyatt's first giggle - although Mark isn't counting this one
  • First tailgate and football game - Texas Tech vs Baylor at Cowboys Stadium (and his first of many terrible losses to witness in person)
  • Rolling over - he is rolling over when I am not looking. I haven't been able to document it just yet but he's been in a different position several times after I turn away and come back.
  • COMING NEXT WEEK: First plane ride to Amarillo to help welcome baby cousin Owen Price!

Wyatt's first tailgate in his super cute Under Armour Gear!

We are so happy to be at the "magical" 3 month marker. Let's hope that even BETTER days are ahead this month. 

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