Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I've achieved my #SquadGoal

Taylor Swift has arguably the most enviable squad around. The NY Post has even referred to it as a cult. It definitely has a "cult following" all over social media. I mean, why not, have you seen the pictures? They're almost always accompanied by the label #SquadGoals

#SquadGoals... for some

I missed her concert in Dallas this weekend, but I was dying to go just to let Tay-Tay know... I've achieved my #SquadGoal and she ain't in it.

Mark and I have made a great group of friends here in Dallas. Some of them we came by honestly, and some we just honestly pushed our way into. We are loving "doing life" with these people. They are all perfect additions to our #squad, and we are lucky that they've allowed us to claim them as our own.

This blog post has been brewing for a while, but I was most recently pushed to really get it down after a recent trip Wyatt & I took to the State Fair of Texas, without Marky. Wyatt and I (really I was the decision maker here) decided to meet our #squad at the fair during a Tuesday Discount Night. Not just any Tuesday Discount Night, the FINAL Tuesday Discount Night of the season. We rode the DART (our area public train transit) from our suburb down to the fair, changing trains once Downtown.

The train was fuller than usual, but it was also quitting time, so I assumed the fullness was related to the commuting home. Boy, was I dead wrong! As soon as we got downtown to change trains, I realized that SEVERAL #squads were headed right to the fair with me and my little man. After we pushed our way through the crowd onto the 2nd train, me wearing baby Wyatt and pushing the full-sized stroller, the wailing began. He was smack-dab in the middle of "bitching hour" and rapidly approaching normal bedtime, so it was 3... 2... 1... melt down time!

The poor people around me, I could tell on their face exactly how bad they felt for me. I stood there, bouncing my heart out for 3 stops... 3 excruciatingly long stops. We finally arrived at our destination with the rest of Dallas county, and made our way through the masses to Big Tex to meet everyone. Yes, again, with the masses who were also meeting their #squads at Big Tex, the only place people meet and stand around. Ridiculous ideas abound here.

I was flustered when I arrived at my destination, #squad in sight. My frustration bubbled over when I shouted at them as I finally made it to them. The shouting made Wyatt scream even louder. He was so upset. But at that exact moment, as I was welcomed "home" into my circle, I realized that "doing life" with these people make these moments worth it.

In the midst of Wyatt's screaming, on of the husbands came  up to take a picture of his cute little sad screaming face. It may have been just to show me how pathetic it all looked, but it touched me that this man-friend of mine with children of his own took a picture of my little baby boy with his own phone. I needed to change Wyatt, and I encouraged the group to keep moving on to get their fried food goodness and I would catch up, and even through the strong urging I tried to do, one of my beautiful Mom-friends came over just to be close by. It didn't take me long to give in to her pleas to help.

Tell us how you really feel about discount night Wyatt!

As we embarked from Big Tex on our journey (to find 6 ticket beers... ONLY 6 TICKETS PEOPLE!), our #squad banded together and we set forth, taking care of the person/baby/man/woman/child near us as if they were our own. Our #squad quickly grew to roughly 12 adults, 3 babies, 2 toddlers and 4 strollers... in a sea of Fair Park's finest. One of my friends, even newer to Mommy-hood than me, and much more sleep deprived, took my empty stroller from me while her baby was taken by his Daddy. She didn't even think to take a break while Dad was on duty, she stepped in to help me. 

Mommy felt more at ease after a 6 ticket beer was consumed!

In another instance, a couple who have been married less than a year, no kids, took care of babies, empty strollers, diaper bags, fetched waters, etc instead of using their freedom this side of parenthood to stroll without attachments. They never once complained, they weren't even asked, they just did it. I was completely touched by every single person in my group that day.

Without these people in my life, I couldn't do it. I couldn't go out in public, I couldn't convince myself that I am doing it right, I couldn't find encouragement on my own, I couldn't raise my children the way I want to raise them. 

Some of the #squad

And even more...

These people are not just my #squad, they are my village, my family. 

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