Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wyatt: 2 Month Update

Height: 24 1/8 " (90th %tile)
Weight: 11 lbs 5 oz. (50th %tile)
Head: 15 5/8 " (40th %tile)

I can already tell my little man is growing. I knew it would be sad, even though I’ve been wishing time would fly so we could get to the cute cuddly, giggly, fun phase of infant-hood. 

Wyatt is quite curious about the world around him. He is frustrated that he can’t move around and explore on his own, but we try to help him along on his travels. He loves watching the colors change on the TV – especially during a NASCAR race. Thank heavens; my little guy is going to be a NASCAR fan! 

We are now in our third week with Dr. Denisa at SERVING LIFE CHIROPRACTIC. (Read more about our success with Dr. Denisa HERE.) 

He swam once at Mom & Dad’s house, and he did not care for it at all. It was just after a recent rain, so I think it was because the water was much cooler than usual. 

Wyatt's first swim - it quickly went downhill after this!

He loves bath time though, and we’ve been able to settle him down during a fussy-fit by giving him a nice warm bath. He is un-phased by Scarlet, or any dogs for that matter. He enjoys being outside (another way we have been able to calm him down when he’s upset). I have enjoyed a couple of face-plant walks with Wyatt. 

Face-plant walk while #twinning with Daddy

He is currently losing his flaming red hair, but I am confident it will grow back as red and as thick as his Daddy’s. He has beautiful blue eyes that melt your heart when he looks at you and sticks his bottom lip out before the REAL tears start to flow. (Good Lord, no one told me how heart-breaking the REAL tears are coming from 2 month old eyes.)

This little boy is loved. I am planning out my next post, about how Mark and I have already started "parenting." My love for my husband has changed in these two months, I'll let you know how next time!

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