Friday, September 18, 2015

Why can't women cheer for each other?

This post was inspired by the recent Joy Behar/View news as well as a wonderful long-distance grandmother, Sheila McGlothen.

Why is it so hard for women to cheer for other women?

Recently, "The View" came under fire for comments made about a Miss America contestant who chose to perform a monologue about being a nurse. Without missing a beat, Joy Behar assumed the contestant was wearing a costume and belittled the entire performance as well as the seriousness of the woman's profession. Joy later apologized (seemingly due to the outcry that followed), saying she wasn't paying attention and assumed she was wearing a costume and didn't realize she was really a Registered Nurse.

Similarly, I read an article a mom wrote about being confronted in an airport bathroom by a woman who thought it necessary to offer parenting advice while putting a toddler in an embarrassing position in front of other adult women. The article is titled "When Did It Become Okay To Tell Others How To Parent?" but I'd like to ask.... When did it become okay for the female tribe to start turning on one another?

Finally, I shared an article on Facebook recently about one mother's experience on maternity leave and the barrage of questioning she had received about returning to work. I had almost the exact same experiences as the mother/author with the interest in my plans for work after my precious baby Wyatt would be born. It was almost always the 3rd question asked: "When are you due? Do you know the sex? ARE YOU RETURNING TO WORK?????" Give me a freaking break. I received a couple of comments after I shared, but one in particular had me almost screaming at the top of my lungs, "YES!!"

Laura, Grandma Sheila and my little squishy man, J - on Grandma Sheila's last day visiting and grandmothering after Squishy was born. ((SAD DAY FOR MOMMY))

My dear friend, Laura Darilek, has a beautiful mother named Sheila McGlothen. Sheila (actual grandmother to 5, but adopted grandmother to all of our kids) commented, "Moms spend too much time defending themselves. As Moms we should be each others biggest cheerleaders."


This goes beyond just mothers, as women, we should root for one another. We need to support one another and build each other up. We are here on this earth, made in the image of our perfect Lord and Savior, just the way he designed. Tearing each other down is like finding fault in God's perfect creation. Beyond that, nothing makes a woman feel worse than to think her tribe is not supportive of her. I can only imagine how irate I would feel if a MOTHER felt the need to berate me and give me unsolicited MOTHERLY advice in public. In that same regard, I would feel like scum to have a WOMAN find so much fault in me that they felt the need to voice it.

What is happening within us that we cannot have each other's back and build one another up? Let's sharpen each other and strengthen the relationships we have with other women. Let's cheer for others and accept those cheers right back. Love one another, just as Christ loves us.

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  1. Well said Megan. I know first hand that i am hard enough on myself; feeling i have to be that perfect woman, wife & mom all the time; that if i make one wrong move i won't be accepted by other "perfect" moms. The Lord created us in His image & we as women are to compare ourselves to Christ, not other women. This is difficult to do some days, with all the world saying we are to be a certain way. Thank you for your post! I'm always inspired to see women standing up for other women! Mothers standing up for other Mothers! As well as wives standing up for other wives! We are to love others as Christ loves us! Thank you!