Friday, September 4, 2015

Has the corner been turned...?

We may have turned a corner. It was one of those very wide 18-wheeler turns that take a minute for other people to move out of the way and voice their impatience while the driver completes it, but I am here to say – I believe we’ve turned a corner!

Hold the phone... is that a happy baby?

During Wyatt’s short life on earth, we have googled our hearts out, texted family and friends for support, read every article or book we could get our hands on and all had a common theme – you’ll eventually turn a corner and he’ll be the happy baby you’ve dreamed about. Our resounding response – WHEN?

It seems our corner has come at the magical 8 week mark. When we were in the throes of some major scream sessions, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, and (God help us!) 3 months all seemed like lifetimes away. I could not take 30 more minutes of my precious baby screaming in pain, much less 3 months! I prayed my heart out that our turn would come, that we would be the next in line for the traffic conductor to point at Wyatt and instruct him to TURN THE CORNER and start down the road of enjoying his life.

Thanks to one of our wonderful friends being INSISTENT in reminding me to go see a Chiropractor she had recommended, Wyatt is doing loads better. We have been visiting Dr. Denisa Weber at Serving Life Chiropractic in Dallas. She specializes in chiropractic care in infants and children. She did an exam of him and did a spinal scan and showed us where she had identified misalignments. It was amazing that each area of misalignment had lined up on a chart of symptoms which included digestive issues, gas pains and (TADA!!!) COLIC!

Bam, we started treatment right away. We take Wyatt in to see Dr. Denise a couple of times a week and the schedule of session will last 3 months. After session NUMERO UNO, we saw immediate results. He had always slept fairly well at night previously, but that first night after his appointment, he went to sleep after eating at 8pm, woke up at 1pm, and had to be woken up again to eat before work at 7am. Since that first night, he has kept that exact same schedule every single night since. (Save for one night when he skipped the 1am feeding altogether and just slept all night – Like a champ!)

Not only has he been on a sleep schedule, he is calm when he is awake. I used to dread seeing his eyes twitch open, because I knew he’d be screaming in half a second. Now, we can actually have him up with us and enjoy playing with him or even taking him out in public. He still likes being held when awake, so we are working on him being comfortable awake and not in someone’s arms.

So here I am, post #3, week #8 tells you that WE HAVE TURNED A CORNER. My dear son, who looks like the infant clone of his father, has been doing well. We can finally have a positive post on this previously doom & gloom blog. I would like to say, now that we are on the road to recovery that I take NO responsibility for this whatsoever. But I am reaping the benefits of extended sleep, bedtime snuggles, and happy red-headed moods.


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