Monday, August 17, 2015

Wyatt: 1 Month

1 month down.... way way down.

What a terrible mother I am to have such a doomy outlook on the first month with my first child, but to be honest, it's been a rough 30-so days.

Bringing Wyatt home from the hospital was a terrifying first adventure out in the real world. We were entrusted with a human being after 2.5 days of experience. Wonderful! We were very ready to get home to our own space, especially Mark. The "bed" for Daddy's at the hospital was "inhospitable". I was personally excited to introduce Wyatt to Scarlet (and visa versa.) Scarlet was quite excited as well:

It was also great coming home to a beautifully cleaned home, thanks to my Mom. She did such a great job cleaning, stocking our fridge and cooking for us while she stayed with us a couple of days. Why don't we live near either of our families again?

After my mom and dad returned to Waco (SUCH A SAD DAY - I CRIED MY EYES OUT!), we were officially stuck with each other - just the 3 of us - the Price Thrice! 

Mark had two weeks paternity leave from work, so I was thankful for extra hands for a while longer. As we got into our daily/nightly groove, we realized Wyatt's groove is quite stressful. He sleeps well at night but as soon as the sun comes up - he's fussy. Sometimes beyond fussy, to downright screaming. We have had a bout with colic, called the hospital 24 hour line, made an emergency appointment with the pediatrician so far this 1 month. There have been nights that poor Mark has come home from work and he is consoling his son and wife. My mom has called at exactly the right (WRONG) time so often that I am sure she can't tell who is screaming louder, me or her precious grandson.

Finally, we feel as though we are turning a corner. I am slowly finding it easier to soothe him without feeding him, which I was doing constantly before. I have come to feel less guilty about letting him "cry it out" for a small amount of time, knowing in 3 minutes he'll put himself to sleep. The guilt creeps in and out, sometimes by the minute, but somehow my friends or my family knows that is the EXACT time to call or text words of encouragement. It has been invaluable having "mom" friends who have been there, done that, and purchased the tshirt/swing/bouncer/gripe water/exercise ball/etc. 

**For the record, bouncing on the exercise ball has now become a life saver AND back killer - but it works! Thank you HALLIE!**

Not everything has been so awful. In this first month, we have taken our first 2 road trips. We went to Waco and to Amarillo. He enjoyed being showered with puppy lovin' in Waco and the cousin lovin' in Amarillo. Our nephew, Luke, was so in love with Wyatt. That was so awesome to watch. We have also been to the dog park with Scarlet, the mall to walk and meet with friends and gone out to eat for dinner several times. He even made the cut on the Netflix account...

We are getting used to each other... one month at a time. Oh no, is that a screaming baby I hear?!?!?!

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  1. You are NOT a terrible mother! Far from it. We all feel that way from time to time - most people just don't say it. I'll tell you and everyone else, remind me of the first 6 when I start getting broody again. Every parent who gets through it, especially when they have a colicky baby, deserves a metal and stiff drink (or five). Love you.